About Us

MarketSpell is the leading marketplace in Canada for 

local-made products that you’ll love.

MarketSpell allows you to discover unique, locally-made items in Canada. We want to celebrate local Canadian talent and share it with the world. Our goal is to help local people reach new markets through our specialist online platform. We wish to promote the local economy. We have a strong environmental and social mission. As part of this, an increasing part of our revenue each year will go towards charitable causes in Canada.

Our Story

First, we’d like to welcome you to MarketSpell and thank you for supporting our goals. MarketSpell was originally founded in Montreal during fall 2017. The ideas that sparked MarketSpell, however, began much earlier….

MarketSpell founder Ahmed Dawod dreamt of a platform where buyers could uncover locally made products whilst promoting local social and environmental causes. Purchasing local products doesn’t just help neighborhoods and communities thrive, it also creates a much smaller carbon footprint. MarketSpell seeks to promote local entrepreneurship, innovation and wealth. It creates a way for families to live a better life. MarketSpell opens up Canadian talent to the rest of the world, creating vast new markets for local entrepreneurs.

It’s a big dream, but we have faith in the entrepreneurs of Canada to help turn this into a reality. Since his early years, MarketSpell founder Ahmed Dawod was aware of the social and environmental issues that surround us. He saw first-hand how pollution, deforestation, and climate change poses enormous risk to our planet. He saw the struggle of many entrepreneurs and the challenges they face to improve their livelihood. Because of these early experiences, when founding MarketSpell, he made sure it had a strong social and environmental mission.

Our Mission

MarketSpell’s mission is to create an online ecosystem where customers can easily discover locally made products. Buying local products promotes Canada’s local economy and is a more sustainable choice. As part of MarketSpell’s dedication to social and environmental causes, a proportion of revenue will go towards charitable causes. MarketSpell also offers advice to Canadian entrepreneurs on how to promote social and environmental causes within their own businesses.

Innovation and creativity are at the heart of every entrepreneur. We champion this. Without the support of Canadian entrepreneurs and loyal customers, MarketSpell (plus its environmental and social work) would not exist.

Our Values

MarketSpell has three core values:

The Creation of Wealth:

Local entrepreneurship is the driver behind Canadian innovation and prosperity. MarketSpell wants to promote local Canadian products to new markets within Canada and beyond. By supporting Canadian entrepreneurs, MarketSpell will help improve their living standards, create new jobs, and generate taxes to improve services in their area.

Social and environmental responsibility:

MarketSpell is dedicated to social and environmental causes. Donations from all purchases go towards Canadian charities to promote social and environmental governance. Business owners who use MarketSpell to sell their products will also benefit from our advice on promoting social and environmental causes inside their organizations.

Community engagement:

MarketSpell is a Canadian company and proud to be part of the community. It’s the support of the local community that has made MarketSpell what it is. MarketSpell will always work to keep its entrepreneurs and customers satisfied. Honesty and transparency, both within the company and amongst its users, underpins everything that we do.